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Attribute key frame

"Attribute keyframe" includes six types:
5.Sequence frame,
6.Rotation speed.

Here we use the “Location Keyframe” as an example.
"Location Keyframe" can add motion paths to objects, characters, light sources, or special effects.

First, click the “Attribute” button,click on the drop-down box, and select “Location”,Then select the car model and register a Location keyframe on frame 0 of the timeline.

Next, move the car closer and register a Location keyframe at frame 39 of the timeline.

Finally, we finished the motion of the car from frame 0 to frame 39.

  • Attribute key frame curve editing
    Drag the time slider to a key frame and click the “Curve” button to open the Curve editor. You can edit the Curve of the current key frame and change the motion of the object (for example, make the object move from slow to fast or fast to slow).

Similarly, other attribute keyframes are made in the same way.